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05 February 2024

Early-career scientists can now apply for the E-G-G to secure funding for their pain research project

Call-for-Applications for the E-G-G 2025
You can now apply for the next edition of the EFIC-Grünenthal-Grant (E-G-G)! It offers funding for early-career pain researchers in Europe who want to pursue their research projects and make a flying start in academia and beyond.

Since 2004, the EFIC-Grünenthal-Grant has awarded almost €1.8 million to early-career innovators across more than 14 countries. The grant supported more than 70 pioneering research projects, contributing to achieve valuable progress in pain research. Now, early-career scientists can apply for the E-G-G 2025 and pitch their pain research projects for the next edition of this prestigious grant.

This is a truly unique opportunity for researchers who are looking for a path from academia into independent research, while seeking to build strong networks and present their prior to findings to a high-profile audience. The last edition of the E-G-G received 43 applications. Three winners were selected by an independent, multidisciplinary jury of experts.

The European Pain Federation (EFIC®) is responsible for the E-G-G’s scientific framework. Grünenthal is responsible for funding, as well as non-financial support such as logistics. Together, the partners provide grants of up to €50,000 to early-career scientists who are exploring new ideas for pain research. Winning projects also gain access to pain experts worldwide and will share the outcomes of their research at the biennial EFIC® Pain in Europe Congress in Lyon, France in April 2025.


EFIC Grünenthal Grant application process diagram


How to apply

You can apply for the E-G-G 2025 online. Applicants need to send the following documents in English:

  • A research plan.
  • A budget plan.
  • A CV.
  • A letter of recommendation.

More information is available here.


Key dates

  • 1 February, 2024: Application phase open.
  • 2 September, 2024: Application phase closed.
  • September to October 2024: Evaluation phase.
  • January 2025: Announcement of winners.

Researchers who are passionate about broadening our understanding of pain and its pathophysiology are now encouraged to apply for the E-G-G 2025. The grant offers an exciting starting point for early-career innovators who want to launch their scientific career with powerful momentum.

Get more details on the EFIC-Grünenthal-Grant (E-G-G).

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