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24 May 2019

Grünenthal recognises employees’ outstanding achievements with Global Excellence Award

Global Excellence Award 2019
Acknowledging extraordinary contributions is a key part of Grünenthal’s culture. That’s why the Corporate Executive Board recently presented the Global Excellence Award to 29 teams and individuals.

“This is exactly the spirit that will make us successful and bring us closer to our vision of a world free of pain.”

Gabriel Baertschi,

CEO of Grünenthal.

"I was very excited to see so many excellent projects and initiatives that our committed and highly qualified employees have driven to success,” says Gabriel Baertschi, CEO of Grünenthal. “This is exactly the spirit that will make us successful and bring us closer to our vision of a world free of pain."

Managers from around the world were able to nominate employees or project teams in recognition of their performance in 2018 of which 29 received an award. Examples of the projects that won include the colleagues who organised Grünenthal’s Latin American Palliative Care Symposium last year and the team in charge of implementing the serialisation requirements across our European manufacturing sites, for example, as well as sales teams who were able to exceed their targets.

The Global Excellence Award celebrates Grünenthal’s corporate culture. The various categories are all linked to the company’s values: being patient-centric, living entrepreneurship, joining forces, acting with integrity and driving performance.

The award ceremony took place during the Grünenthal Group Conference in Bonn.

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