Disclosure at Grünenthal

Grünenthal is a member of the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) and supports the EFPIA Disclosure (Transparency) Code of Conduct. As a member of EFPIA, we are fully committed to publishing details about our various forms of collaborations with healthcare professionals (HCPs) and healthcare organisations (HCOs) to demonstrate that we interact with these stakeholders in an ethical and transparent way.

The mode of disclosure may vary from country to country. However, every affiliate that makes any transfers of value to healthcare professionals or healthcare organisations will disclose these values in line with local regulations.

Some background on the EFPIA Disclosure

Since 2015, the disclosure process driven by the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Association’s (EFPIA) has been in place. As a result, all transfers of value to healthcare professionals (HCPs) and healthcare organisations (HCOs) have been collected since 2015 and are reported (“disclosed”) the year after. This includes:

  • Grants and donations to healthcare organisations
  • Speaker and consultancy fees for healthcare professionals
  • Sponsoring of events organised by, or on behalf of, healthcare organisations
  • Invitations of healthcare professionals to congresses and educational or scientific meetings
  • Research and development-related transfers of value (only as an aggregated report)

For more information about the EFPIA Transparency Code, please visit the EFPIA website: https://efpia.eu/relationships-code/healthcare-professionals-hcps/

The proposed EFPIA format for the disclosure report is used by the local pharmaceutical associations in Europe, which are direct members of EFPIA. The report defines the different categories and how to disclose transfers of value to healthcare professionals and healthcare organisations on an annual basis.


The aim of the methodological note is to provide a clear and simple explanation of how Grünenthal collects and discloses relevant information. The note covers definitions of transfers of value, healthcare professionals, healthcare organisations, research and development, topics related to data protection and consent, general questions about cross-border activities, Value Added Tax (VAT), sponsorships etc. The methodological note is published on a yearly basis, together with the disclosure file.

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Disclosure of Transfers of Value to Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) and Healthcare Organisations (HCOs)

Grünenthal interacts with healthcare professionals on various subjects. This includes seeking advice and/or services from healthcare professionals (e.g. market research about our products, in the course of clinical trials, observations etc.) and informing healthcare professionals about the advantages and medical implications of our products. Interactions with healthcare organisations include sponsorships of medical association meetings, stands at medical association meetings and congresses, as well as donations and grants to hospitals for research and education.

All interactions and transfers of value are disclosed in line with local regulations. These disclosures are aligned with either the EFPIA Disclosure (Transparency) Code of Conduct, local pharmaceutical codes or national legislation carried out by parties such as healthcare authorities. The underlying rationale and methodology follow a coherent concept.

EFPIA countries

Non-EFPIA countries

Disclosure of Transfers of Value to Patient Organisations

Patient organisations provide a powerful voice for patients. They are involved in disease education, and also provide help lines, emotional support and access to treatment. On top of this, they are key participants in crucial discussions about the healthcare system and collaborate with a number of stakeholders, including pharmaceutical companies. Relationships with patient organisations are well regulated by the EFPIA Code of Practice on Relationships between the Pharmaceutical Industry and Patient Organisations, as well as by national industry codes of practice. You can find a complete list of all of Grünenthal’s transfers of value to patient organisations in 2021 below.

Disclosure of Transfers of Value to Patient Organisations 2021

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Disclosure of Transfers of Value Related to Research and Development Activities

Grünenthal is committed to developing effective and innovative medicines that deliver true benefits for patients and healthcare systems. As part of this commitment, we have an ethical responsibility to ensure the quality and integrity of all research and development activities. The need to support independent ethical clinical research conducted by qualified third-party investigators is key, where research and development is concerned. The purpose of such projects is to help to explore new opportunities to address unmet medical needs. Grünenthal supports the funding of research and development projects of this kind.
In 2021, the total transfers of value to healthcare professionals and healthcare organisations related to research and development activities was more than 1,7 million euros (excluding tax).

Transfers of Value Research & Development 2021 ROW Countries