Grünenthal Headquarter

Our Corporate Responsibility Programme

As a global leader in pain management, we constantly seek to achieve positive outcomes for patients and their families. Grünenthal also aims to maximise its beneficial effect on employees, partners and society – while reducing the environmental footprint of our business. We bring these ambitions to life by pursuing our holistic Corporate Responsibility Programme.

One strategic approach

Our Corporate Responsibility Programme is embedded in our company’s overall business strategy. It is built on four modules:

  1. Four fields of action to ensure maximum positive impact.
  2. A stringent ethical framework to guide the way we work.
  3. Our ESG risk management, which is regularly assessed by an independent agency.
  4. Our corporate governance system to ensure that we constantly live our values.
Grünenthal’s Corporate Responsibility Programme is embedded in its corporate strategy

Four fields of action to ensure maximum positive impact

Our responsibility and sustainability activities can be clustered into four main categories that matter most to Grünenthal and its stakeholders. We strive to maximise our positive impact in these four fields of action. They are:

Twelve key topics with clear targets

For each of our fields of action, we have identified twelve environmental, social and governance (ESG) topics that are most relevant to our business and our stakeholders. Each year, we set ambitious targets and define KPIs for each of these key material topics to measure progress. Further details are available in our Responsibility Report and on the infographic below.

Compliance, Ethics & Transparency

  • Compliance, Ethics & Transparency Excellence

    Aiming for excellence in the areas of compliance, ethics and transparency is at the core of our daily business. We operate at high ethical standards and continuously strive for excellence


  • Responsible Use of Pain Medication

    Our approach to the responsible use of pain medication is based on three pillars which form the foundation of our business relationships. They centre on strict governance, close involvement of our business partners, and education about pain medication for healthcare professionals and patients

  • Product Governance & Safety

    Our products are made to manage pain. Striving to ensure the safety of our products and the highest product standards is essential

  • Responsible Innovation

    Even today, not all pain can be adequately treated. Through our R&D, we contribute to providing for people with as yet unmet needs.

  • Awareness & Accessibility

    Raising awareness and enabling access to pain medication is a core focus area for us. Our goal is to make sure that pain is acknowledged as a disease in its own right, and we want to ensure access to appropriate medicine to treat pain. We strive to raise awareness and accessibility via various initiatives that we have pulled together into one holistic awareness and accessibility platform. The platform has three pillars: A global governance structure, globally aligned content and formats, and a roll-out plan that focuses on communication and training.


  • Human Capital Fairness

    Healthy employees and safe working conditions are the basis for our success. To achieve this, we rely on comprehensive health measures and the highest safety standards

  • Employee Engagement

    Fostering a high-performance culture and living our Values & Behaviours is the key to our success. This is why we invest in regularly requesting feedback from our employees to help us constantly improve

  • Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

    We stand for diversity, equality and inclusion. We want to increase diversity and equality at Grünenthal and become a role model and inclusive workplace

  • Attractive Employer

    We want to create the best possible conditions for our employees in their working and personal environment. We therefore offer rich and varied roles, opportunities for growth and an extensive range of benefits


  • Environmental Excellence Strategy

    Our goal is to further promote environmental sustainability. We achieve this by continually developing our environmental sustainability strategy based on our impact initiative Driving Environmental Sustainability

  • Responsible Use of Resources

    Responsible use of resources is essential for us and our stakeholders to limit our impact on the environment. We focus in particular on our consumption of energy and water and our handling of production waste

  • Our Impact on Climate

    We want to better understand our impact on climate change and want to take action to reduce it. We therefore calculate our corporate carbon footprint and set ourselves firm targets for future CO2 reductions

Responsible value chain

In 2022, we mapped our key topics based on their relevance within the Grünenthal value creation process. This set of material topics spans our entire value chain. You can find an overview on the infographic below. If you want more details, our double materiality matrix is available on page 20 of our Responsibility Report.

Material topics spanning entire value chain