Our Corporate Responsibility Programme

Corporate responsibility is at the core of our business strategy and culture. It runs through everything we do. We want to create a net positive impact for patients, employees, partners and wider society, and work towards reducing our impact on the environment. To make this happen, we have established flagship initiatives with ambitious goals. Our performance is regularly rated by an independent agency according to environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria.

The four modules of our Corporate Responsibility Programme

Diagram: The four modules of our Corporate Responsibility Programme
To ensure we create a positive impact in everything we do, our corporate responsibility programme is built on four modules. Through flagship initiatives we work to deliver benefits for the people we work with, the patients we serve and the environment we depend on. An independent agency regularly monitors and assesses our environmental, social and governance risk. At the same time, our stringent ethical framework guides how we work, and our corporate governance system ensures that we constantly live our values.

Our Flagship Initiatives

The ambitious goals, structured in our five flagship initiatives, are built in a way to optimise the positive impact for the people we work with, the patients we serve and to reduce our impact on the environment. These include:


Doctor patients conversation
Female Grünenthal Lab Employee
Female Doctor in an online appointment with a patient
Flagship initiative “Education of Patients & Healthcare Professionals”

– educating healthcare professionals on the responsible use of pain medicines and thereby supporting patients on their journey to achieving optimal pain management.

Flagship initiative “Data-driven Human Disease Understanding”

– building our understanding of human disease to enhance our ability to create truly novel medicines for patients in need.

Flagship initiative “Global Grünenthal Platform for Awareness & Access”

– establishing one joint platform to ensure access to medicine and raise awareness about pain and palliative care; thereby improving accessibility for patients to adequate pain treatment, particularly among underserved populations.



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Hand holding a crystal ball which reflects a Grünenthal building from our Campus in Aachen, Germany
Flagship initiative “Circle of Trust”

– establishing a “Diversity & Engagement Council” to foster a culture of trust among employees, partners and the community.

Flagship initiative “Driving Environmental Sustainability”

– using resources sustainably, avoiding waste in our operations, working with our suppliers to reduce environmental impacts and working towards powering our sites with low carbon or renewable energy sources.

Our ESG Risk Rating

Our performance in environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria is reflected in an external rating by Sustainalytics. We were attributed a medium ESG risk. This places Grünenthal in the top three percent of the global pharmaceuticals subindustry that inherently features higher ESG risk.

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