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Gabriel Baertschi

Chairman of the Corporate Executive Board, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Gabriel Baertschi Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Grünenthal Group

Gabriel Baertschi, Chief Executive Officer

“I hope that I can contribute to making the world a better place for patients.”

Gabriel Baertschi

Chief Executive Officer, Grünenthal

He came, he saw – and ditched the ties. Gabriel Baertschi is someone who rolls up his sleeves and a forward thinker whose mission dedicated to growing our business and driving our scientific leadership.

Although a trained biologist, his love of science and dedication to improving patient’s lives led him to work for the pharmaceutical industry. Gabriel’s commitment to ensuring our business is sustainable moving forward is hugely valued; he is the epitome of entrepreneurial spirit, courage and diversity.

Originally from Switzerland, he joined the Grünenthal Group in October 2016 as Chairman of the Corporate Executive Board and Chief Executive Officer bringing with him over 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry primarily working for AstraZeneca.

Gabriel Baertschi at a glance

Nationality: Swiss

Year of birth: 1974

Education: Harvard Business School, USA: leading enterprise transformation; Université de Neuchâtel, Switzerland: Master of Science in biology; his research received a Nobel Foundation Award and the distinction “Excellent” at the Swiss Youth Research

Family status: Married, one daughter

Leisure time: Family, photography, travelling and scuba diving

Career Highlights

Since 2016: Chairman of the Corporate Executive Board and Chief Executive Officer, Grünenthal

2013-2016: Company President Japan, AstraZeneca

2010-2012: Company President Germany, AstraZeneca

2009-2010: Company President Thailand, AstraZeneca

2006-2009: General Manager Vietnam & Indonesia, AstraZeneca