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Mark Fladrich

Chief Commercial Officer (CCO), Member of the Corporate Executive Board

Mark Fladrich - Chief Commercial Officer

Mark Fladrich, Chief Commercial Officer

“At the end of the day it is all about providing innovation that makes real difference to patients’ quality of life.”

Mark Fladrich

Chief Commercial Officer, Grünenthal

Mark Fladrich comes from sunny Australia, so the weather is something our new Chief Commercial Officer will have to get used to. It is known for being a bit rainy in Aachen, Germany, where our headquarters are located. Mark joined Grünenthal in September 2017 and is responsible for the entire global commercial organization. He brings 30 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry including major national and global management roles at AstraZeneca with responsibility for over $1 billion of sales revenue in a variety of countries and regions, including Germany, Australia, New Zealand, and the mid-sized markets Western and Southern Europe.

Mark has worked in different functions, such as regulatory, sales and marketing, business development, general management, global marketing, and global commercial excellence. Based on this broad experience, Mark is committed to bringing our global commercial functions closer to the markets and to improving the relationship between commercial and R&D in a bid to strengthening customer- and market-driven development. “I am particularly interested in how new products can be developed to meet the needs patients, prescribers, payers and policy makers”, Mark Fladrich says. “At the end of the day it’s all about providing innovation that makes real difference to patients’ quality of life.”

Mark Fladrich at a glance

Nationality: Australian

Year of birth: 1959

Education: Bachelor of Pharmacy, South Australian Institute of Technology in Adelaide, Australia; Master of Business Administration, Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia

Leisure time: Family, traveling and keeping physically fit

Career highlights

Since 2017: Chief Commercial Officer and Member of the Corporate Executive Board, Grünenthal  

2011-2015: Managing Director Australia and New Zealand, AstraZeneca

2009-2011: Vice President Commercial Excellence, Global Marketing and Sales Organization, AstraZeneca

2008-2009: Vice President Global Brands, AstraZeneca

2005-2007: Marketing Company President Germany, AstraZeneca