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04 July 2024

25 years of dedication, inspiration and joy

Guillermo Alemany
During quarter of a century at Grünenthal, Guillermo Alemany has grown to become a strong pillar of our company’s success. His unique story has twists and turns – but always stays focused on making life better for patients and their families.

One day in February 1999, Guillermo Alemany’s phone unexpectedly started ringing. It was a close friend, sharing big news about an opportunity to join a pioneering project for pain management at Grünenthal. Guillermo applied and got the job. Since then, he has supported our company’s evolution into a global leader in pain research. “Those early days were exciting and challenging,” he says. “As part of a small and dedicated team, I was able to make a real difference to people’s lives.”

The passion in Guillermo’s voice is crystal clear – especially when he talks about Grünenthal’s contribution to improving the understanding and management of pain. His work has involved close interactions with healthcare professionals to provide training and engage in open discussions. And he has helped to raise awareness among patients and their families too.

In Spain, more than 25 percent of the population is affected by pain. Guillermo’s tireless efforts are motivated by the positive impact Grünenthal makes by providing effective medicines to those people in need. “Focusing on the patient is more than just a motto for me and my colleagues,” he says. “When a doctor calls to say a patient’s condition has improved thanks to our treatments, I get a feeling of joy that really inspires me.”

Grünenthal has gone through significant changes during Guillermo’s career. The world’s attitude to chronic pain has transformed, too. “I have witnessed an evolution in the perception of pain – from a symptom to a complex disease that requires a holistic treatment approach,” he says. “Grünenthal has played a crucial role in this shift by raising awareness and offering advanced therapies that we can adapt to meet the specific needs of individual patients.”

Testimonials from relieved patients give Guillermo a deep sense of pride. They also remind him of the importance of his work. Together with colleagues and in collaboration with healthcare professionals, he is making a tangible difference in the fight against pain. “Grünenthal’s vision of a World Free of Pain guides every aspect of my work,” he says. “Professionally, it represents a commitment to pushing the limits of science. And personally, it is a reflection of our empathy and dedication to the patients who rely on us.”


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Guillermo Alemany
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