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25 April 2024

Mastering federal regulations: Our National Market Access Manager in action!

Loi Vo, National Market Access Manager at Grünenthal
Keeping up with the latest regulations is incredibly important for Grünenthal. It involves significant challenges because every market has unique rules, legislation and expectations. Loi Vo makes a big contribution to our company in his role as National Market Access Manager for Germany.

“Germany has 16 federal states and each has its own set of regulations,” he says. “Those regulations define what, where and how patients can access medicines. My task is to make sure Grünenthal is always up-to-date about these frameworks and to provide guidance about this key topic. To do that, it is essential to keep track of the current regulatory processes and any potential changes.”

Regulations for the pharmaceutical industry often involve complex legal texts and lots of specific terminology. Loi is an expert in that legislative jargon.

“I’ve been politically active as a volunteer in my hometown, Regensburg, since I was a teenager. Regulations, ordinances and dossiers – these are familiar concepts for me. And that really helps me in my daily work at Grünenthal.”

Loi’s tasks extend far beyond updating his colleagues about regulatory processes. “It is also a big part of my work to help doctors, pharmacists and representatives from health insurance providers to understand regulatory requirements about prescribing medicines,” he says. “By providing valuable information, I help them navigate Germany’s complex regulatory landscape.”

Loi Vo, National Market Access Manager

The ultimate goal of Loi’s work is to support the process of getting the right and most appropriate treatments to patients as quickly as possible. This focus on helping people convinced Loi that Grünenthal was the right employer for him.

“When I started working at Grünenthal, our leaders put a lot of emphasis on the need to focus on patients. That really resonated with my own values.”

Other factors also attracted Loi to Grünenthal. “I quickly learned that all employees get their opinions heard and valued here,” he says. “I remember holding a presentation in a senior-level meeting shortly after I joined the company. Everyone was interested in my perspective, even though I was still quite new to Grünenthal.”


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