Area of Interest: Research and Development

What we are looking for:

As a worldwide leader in pain, we are well placed to create innovative solutions for patients with various pain diseases. We are looking for partnerships for Rx products as well as medical devices.

In addition to pain, we are expanding our portfolio with drugs in development (or already approved) in pain-related indications like osteoporosis, inflammation and others, as well as small / orphan indications where there is a high unmet medical need, e.g. diseases such as Duchenne, Parkinson or fibrosis.

To achieve this, we continue to invest in R&D with more than 20 % of revenues.

For more information on R&D at Grünenthal, please visit the R&D section of our website.

  • Pain
  • Gout
  • Inflammation (niches)
  • Perioperative care 
  • Niches and orphan drugs, e.g. Duchenne
  • Cancer supportive care
  • Fibrosis

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